Welcome to Chookapeck

Hi, I’m Annemaree. Thank you so much for visiting Chookapeck, I can’t wait to start sharing tips, resources and posts (and a virtual wine or two – I am based in the Barossa wine region after all!).

So what is Chookapeck?

Chookapeck is about connections. Connections to people, places and resources. It’s a place where all of these things can come together. Chookapeck is an evolution of my business Barossaweb and there will be plenty of marketing & communications tips here – especially in digital media. There’ll also be regular events and workshops, hosted both by me and other fab collaborators. Mix that in with a big splash of everyday life (read knitting, gardening and cooking) and also a shop where you can buy everything from Lightroom Presets and marketing/communications resources to the occasional hand knit.

Why Chookapeck?

I grew up in a small dairy farming community in Western Victoria and was lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents live in the same small town. I come from a big family and daily interaction with our extended family was how we were raised (it takes a village…).

Our paternal grandfather, Pa, was a gentle man of few words who loved his garden, his shed and a Sunday drive (funnily enough, all the things I now love). I have nothing but fond memories of Pa and when I think back 40+ years to my childhood, I always picture him either sitting in his chair in the sunroom, or working in his veggie garden.

A visit to Nanny & Pa’s would always involve a run around the garden, followed by a glass of 50/50 cordial and some baked deliciousness from our grandmother (who was an amazing baker, but that’s a blog post for another day). Every visit ended with a kiss and a hug from Pa who always cheerfully said ‘Chookapeck’ as his farewell.

As kids we never questioned it. We didn’t think it was an odd way to say goodbye. We knew it meant bye, lovely to see you, see you again soon. It was always said with affection and always gratefully received.

Chookapeck is a word that means nothing but can say everything that matters.

So Chookapeck it is! Welcome again.

I’ll be posting new resources and shop items regularly, and I’d love for you to stay in touch by following me on Instagram at @annemaree.c and @chookapeck, or signing up for emails here.

Thank you so much for dropping by. I’m so looking forward to sharing all the things with you, but until then, as Pa would say,




This is me at 4.5 years of age on my first day of school.
I thought the photo was appropriate as  Chookapeck is also the start of a new adventure…

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