Floral Flat Lay Tips – January

For the last few years, I’ve marked the first of each month with an image on my Instagram account. Often the images contain flowers that are blooming on that day, so they’re a lovely way to reflect what is happening in the garden each month. The floral flat lay posts always receive lots of interest, so I thought I’d share the process behind creating my first image for 2024.

On January 1 this year, the second flush of roses is underway and the dahlia season is just starting. And being summer here in Australia, there are a few seedpods left over from spring flowering Honesty and Poppies.

The flowers in the image are a Cafe au Lait dahlia and the roses are Crown Princess Margareta, Alnwick, Just Joey and Peace.



First I set up the space where I would shoot the image. I usually use my dining table as there is plenty of natural light, and the height is good for my poor old body!

Here’s the rest of the steps:

  • rollout the photography backdrop
  • add weights to the corners of it so the surface is smooth
  • place a plate in the middle to use as a placement guide for your flowers
  • arrange your flowers
  • take your image
  • transfer the image from camera to iPhone or computer
  • edit and crop the image in Lightroom (I brightened the image and reduced shadows)
  • export that image to your phone/computer
  • import the edited image to Canva
  • create a new project. I use Instagram Portrait size 1080px wide x 1350px high
  • add text – ‘january’
  • download from Canva
  • upload to Instagram


Here’s the original, edited and final images:



If using a roll-out vinyl backdrop, place it on a flat surface like a dining table, then place weights in the corner for a smooth surface.

Shoot your image near a window for natural light.

Use a plate as a shape guide to help you place flowers evenly.

Snip the stem close to the flower so you have a nice flat base and your flower will sit flat for the photo.

Photograph your flowers as soon as possible after cutting them, so they look their best.

Shoot several images, including from overhead for your flatlay, but also some from different angles that you can use on other social posts etc.

Wipe your backdrop clean after use so pollen etc does not mark it.


Watch my tips reel on Instagram.

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Equipment used

Photography Backdrop

In the initial shoot, I used the ‘White Floorboards’ backdrop.

For the final image however, I flipped a backdrop and used the reverse side.

See the full range of Photography Backdrops here

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Canon EOS RP Full Frame Mirrorless Camera


Canon RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM

UV Filter

Kenko 77mm Air UV Filter

SD Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro


iPhone 14 Max Pro


I used the phone holder head from the Joby HandyPod Mobile Mini Tripod and affixed it to the Manfrotto Dual 3 way head Tripod


Manfrotto Tripod with Joby phone holder head and iPhone 14 Pro Max


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