How to backup your Instagram data: UPDATED NOVEMBER 2022

One of Instagram’s best (but least known about) features, is the in-app tool to download a backup of your entire Instagram account including comments, photos, stories, videos, liked pictures, and more.

The benefit of this security feature is that you can regularly backup ALL of the content you have ever shared on your profile.

Why is this so handy you ask?

Well if you’ve ever been hacked, or lost access to your Insta profile, you’ll know the heartbreak of having to start again from scratch.

However if you have a copy of your previous Instagram data, you can not only start again and potentially reuse your content, but you also have access to follower data and DM’s, which is invaluable when trying to rebuild your online community.

It’s also great peace of mind to know that you have all of your content securely saved in one place.

Why should you backup your Instagram data?

Back in November 2021, I wrote an Instagram post about how to secure your Instagram content by downloading your data. That post was one of my most popular for the year and was prompted by several people I know having their accounts hacked. Those poor folks not only lost ALL of their images (six year’s worth), but also the details of all of their followers etc.

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence, and fingers crossed it never happens to you, but if it does, your data backup will be available for you to access.

Help to prevent disaster by following the easy step-by-step guide below:


How to backup your Instagram Data:

1. Go to your Instagram profile & tap on the Menu (3 lines at top right).

2. Tap Your Activity.

3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Download your Information.

4. Enter your email address.

5. Enter your Instagram password.

6. Tap Done.

Instagram will email you a link to a file/s with your photos, comments, profile information and more.

It can take up to 48 hrs to collect the data and email it to you.

The link only works for four days from the time you receive it, so it’s best to save your files when you receive the email link.

As my data folders are large (approx 2gb in total), I download them to my Dropbox for safekeeping and to free up space on my computer.



Set a calendar reminder to backup your Instagram data every 2 months (or more if required).


I hope you found this useful and can now be confident that your Instagram content/data is backed up and secure .


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