Did you know Instagram has a feature where you can handpick friends or followers to share private Instagram Stories posts with? Learning how to create a Close Friends list is easy

You can use it to share content that you only want certain people to see, like pics of your kids, or that sneaky online purchase you’d like to show your besties.


You can use this feature for your business, and instead of ‘close friends’, use it to create a list of VIP clients that you share select content with.

How to create your Close Friends list:

  • Tap the menu button (three lines) at the upper right.
  • Tap close friends.
  • Add friends to your list.

You can add and remove followers from the list at any time.


To share content with your close friends

  1. Open Stories and upload the content you want to post.
  2. Tap the Close Friends button at the bottom of the page.

Your content will be shared to those people on your list and will be hidden from your other followers.

How will your Close Friends know you have posted a story?

When you post content for close friends, the ring around your profile pic is green rather than the usual rainbow colour. There’ll also be a green star badge in the story that indicates that content has been shared with close friends only.

Like regular Instagram Stories, your Close Friends story will only be available to view for only 24 hours.

I hope you found this information useful and you can now create a Close Friends list.

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