Would you like to increase comments on your Instagram posts? Use one of these Instagram Calls to Action (CTA) on your next post and watch the comments come rolling in.


Tips – Instagram Calls to Action

  • Always finish your caption with an invitation to take action.


  • Let your audience know what you’d like them to do by including a CTA.


  • CTAs are great for creating connections and encouraging engagement (which of course can drive reach and follows).


  • Your CTA can be as simple as “leave a comment below”, “tag a friend”, “send a DM” or you can invite your audience to engage more deeply by visiting your website, reading your blog, shop online, subscribe to your email etc.


  • CTAs inform your audience that you value them and their opinion. By asking for comments you are encouraging a sense of community on your Instagram profile which in turn fosters brand loyalty.


  • Remember to keep your CTAs simple to encourage more engagement.


  • Ensure the link in your Instagram bio is current (if you are asking people to click the link in bio).


  • Consider using emojis to make your CTA stand out.


6 Instagram Calls to Action




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Instagram Call To Action



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